High Pressure Laminate

High Pressure Laminate as the name suggests is the ideal product for interior and exterior applications made from Kraft paper and decorative paper.

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    High Pressure Laminates as the name suggests is the ideal product for interior/exterior applications made from Kraft paper and decorative paper. It is produced under great pressure and high temperature. Hardened resins provide effective weather.

    Protection which makes it capable of withstanding erosion from natural elements. It come with high UV resistance which makes it ideal for exterior and cladding facades.

    Exterior Grade compact laminates make the perfect cladding material for buildings requiring ventilated facades. It is resistant and sustainable, easy to machine and install, offering a myriad array of decorative possibilities.

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    • Decorative,
    • Optimal light fastness,
    • Solvent resistant,
    • Impact resistant,
    • Heat resistant,
    • Free from heavy metals,
    • Easy rapid installation and repair procedure,
    • Decreases air conditioning costs,
    • Provide wall protection and heat insulation against atmospheric precipitation.
    • High weather resistant,
    • Scratch resistant,
    • Self supporting,
    • Easy to maintain,
    • Fire resistant,
    • Sustainability,
    • Increased sound proofing function (up-to 15 Db.),
    • Low cost maintenance,

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    Our laminates are optimal blends of style and strength standing tall against the test of time. What differentiates us from other surfacing solutions is our touch of unmatched excellence.

    Our laminating finesse transcends your facades to a class apart, a cut above, an edge ahead of all others.

    In the line of our exceptional laminating solutions, we present a new range of High Pressure Laminate Panels (HPL).

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    We at MATLAB firmly believe in a customer-centric philosophy. Our key focus is not on selling our products but rather ensuring that these products continually add class, elegance, design and comfort to our clients architecture and decoration needs. For us adapting ourselves perfectly to the design of a project is an essential requirement. That is why we are committed to innovation and a continual quest for architectural solutions leading to warm and comfortable spaces.

    We have been the pioneers in introducing the trendiest and most innovative architectural solutions in the industry.

    Today, MATLAB has distinguished itself as a leader in the premium architectural space with a presence in over countries around the world.

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    MATLAB Facades is apt for use as a ventilated façade. It is exporter_laminate_sheet_in_asia1available in several sizes in order to optimise utilisation. It is tailored with three thicknesses and various decor that have been specifically selected for this application.

    Phenolic core: The quality of Kraft sheets that are impregnated with phenolic resin.

    Decorative paper sheets with surface protection for external use.

    Sizes 1220 x 2440 mm
    1220 x 3050 mm
    1300 x 3050 mm (Available in selected colours)
    Thickness 6, 8 & 10 mm
    Décor Same DÉCOR both sides / One side as required
    Finish SF (Special Colours Available on request)
    Standards Complying to EN 438-6

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    Air Circulation

    exporter_laminate_sheet_in_australia1An efficient air circulation must be secured between Royale Touche HPL compacts and the surface or the coating of the building. The blank grouting spaces allowed for ventilation between the plates should not be filled with any material. An efficient air circulation must be provided from the ground level of the plate to the top edge. A minimum of 50 cm2 space is required for every 1 meter width. If no air ventilation gap is reserved at the construction framework, deformation will occur on the exterior plates.

    Expansion Spacesexporter_laminate_sheet_in_bahrain1

    The varying degree of moisture in the atmosphere changes the dimensions of the HPL ever so slightly. In humid weather conditions, the plates enlarge whereas shrinkage occurs in dry conditions.

    The humidity and heat do not always change in the same direction, opposite movements may occur. Therefore leaving expansion spaces between the plates is an absolute requirement. The diameters of mouthpieces drilled for screws, bolts and rivets must be 2-3 mm larger than the diameters of the screws

    All hidden screw systems, spaces must be on the construction framework. There must be no silicone used during the grouting process.


    The glue mastic should be applied maximum 2 cm from the edge in continuity and maximum 5 cm from the edges at screw installations.

    Rivet and screw distance must be minimum 20 mm in between and for hidden screw and hang systems, the distance between screws must be at least 80 mm

    Rivet and Screw System

    exporter_laminate_sheet_in_brazil1For 6mm and 10 mm panels, rivet and screw system is suitable. This system is also used for supporting the adhesive systems on high-rise buildings to increase the security.

    Joint spaces and vertical profile spaces are similar with the adhesive system. Open joints, halved joint and male/female joints are usually used in joint space.

    The mouth piece drilling on the centre of the plate is opened with the same diameter as the rivet., other holes are opened 3 mm wider than the rivet and screw diameters, thus enabling movement of plates in case of expansion. The placement of the holes should be minimum 20 mm distance from the plate edge and distance maximum 10 times of the plate thickness.